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15th Meeting of the Belgian Society for Neuroscience

We are pleased to announce that the Belgian Society for Neuroscience is organising the 15th Meeting of the Belgian Society for Neuroscience and invites you to contribute to its programme.The meeting will be held at Brussels, Belgium on Tuesday 6 June 2023.

MORNING (BSN members only)
Registration and coffee
Introduction by Julie Duqué, chair of the BSN

New BSN Logo Award

Keynote Speaker – Pierre Vanderhaeghen (VIB-KU Leuven)

Mechanisms linking neuronal development with human brain evolution and diseases

10:00am Parallel sessions:

A. Oral Presentations Cognitive/Clinical Neuroscience:

Chair: Goldy Yadav

  • Daniele Bertoglio: In vivo imaging of mutant huntingtin using [11C]CHDI-180R PET in a nonhuman primate model of Huntington’s disease
  • Frank Van Overwalle: The role of the cerebellum in social sequencing, and a new hypothesis on predictive coding theories of autism
  • Stefania Mattioni: Categorical coding in the ventral occipito-temporal cortex (VOTC) following transient early blindness
  • Melina Hehl: Want to know about current directions in TMS coils? I’ll keep you in the loop.
B. Poster Tour Molecular/Systems Neuroscience :
  • Nicolas Halloin: Exacerbation of tauopathy following mild and repeated spinal contusions in the tauP301S mouse model
  • Olaya Lara, Pauline Janssen: Systemic deletion of xCT in mice attenuates peripheral inflammation and inflammation-related mood
  • Nuria Ruiz Reig: Deciphering the physiological roles of KIF2A in mature neurons and the relation between KIF2A-dysfunction and neurodegeneration
  • Caroline Zandecki: Unraveling the cell diversity of the short lived African turquoise killifish telencephalon
  • Elle Scheijen: Role of DNA Damage and Repair Responses in Spinal Cord Injury Pathogenesis in Mice
  • Isabeau De Bie: A novel treatment strategy to mitigate cognitive decline after radiotherapy in pediatric brain tumor survivors
  • Chloe Trippaers: Preclinical and clinical evidence for IL-6 and CCL2 as potential mediators in the pathophysiology of psychosis
  • Valerie Mariën: Retroviral vectors as a tool to study newborn neuron maturation and integration in the adult killifish telencephalon following injury
11:00am Coffee
11:30am Parallel sessions

A. Oral Presentations Molecular/Systems Neuroscience:

Chair: Nuria Ruiz Reig

  • Gamze Ates: System xc- inhibition to preserve mitochondrial health in aging and Alzheimer’s disease
  • Sara Gilissen: Maturation of mouse higher order visual areas: An adolescent critical period
  • Mohit H. Adhikari/Monica van den Berg: Altered information flow from the forebrain in the TgF344-AD rat model of Alzheimer’s disease at pre- and early-plaque stages
  • Verónica Alejandra Cáceres Chávez: Cognitive flexibility in the dorsomedial striatum: neuronal representations
B. Poster Tour Cognitive/Clinical Neuroscience:
  • Tom Bylemans: Mentalizing and narrative coherence in autistic adults: Cerebellar sequencing and prediction
  • Jeromy Hrabovecky: Multiple Sclerosis and Cognitive Fatigue: A Behavioral, Subjective and Physiological Account
  • Naem Haihambo: How exciting: Cerebellar transcranial direct current stimulation enhances cerebellar activation during social action prediction based on personality trait information
  • Shanti Van Malderen: Task-related modulation of cerebellar brain inhibition is maintained in older adults
  • Goldy Yadav: Memory Reactivation modulates Retention and Generalization of a Novel Motor Skill
  • Iqra Shahzad: Aligned motion-direction information for touch and vision in the human brain
  • Tasha Poppa: Thermal representations in the insular cortex of the awake macaque: a high-resolution fMRI study
  • Gaia Corlazzoli: How we consider each other’s subjective experiences when choosing a task
12:30pm Lunch with FENS Kavli Network of Excellence (FKNE) scholars + posters
AFTERNOON (BSN members & FKNE scholars)
Introduction by Julie Duqué & Flavio Donato, chair of the FKNE
Keynote Speaker – Olivier Collignon (UCLouvain)

Brain adaptation to sensory deprivation

FKNE/BSN session chaired by Athena Demertzi: “Unreportable awareness”
  • Athena Demertzi (ULiège): Mind blanking as the frontier case of mental state reporting
  • Martin Dresler (Radboud University): Cognitive neuroscience of dreaming
  • Sami El-Boustani (Geneva University): The Role of Motivation in Learning and Decision-Making
3:45pm Coffee
FKNE/BSN session chaired by Renzo Mancuso: “Neuronal and glial mechanisms regulating brain homeostasis and disease”
  • Renzo Mancuso (VIB-UAntwerp): Humanised models to study human microglia ontogeny and their role in disease
  • Inbal Goshen (Hebrew University): Astrocytes in high brain function
  • Thomas McWilliams (University of Helsinki): Deciphering physiological autophagy in neural space and time
Closure by Robrecht Raedt, vice-chair of BSN

Best Poster/Oral presentation Award

SOCIAL EVENT (mandatory registration)
5:30pm Drinks and Snacks (mandatory registration)
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