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Being a BSN member entitles you to:

  • Free entrance to the BSN Meeting
  • Free membership of the Federation of European Neuroscience Societies (FENS)
  • Reduced-rate registration at the FENS Forum, FRM and Brain Conferences
  • Eligibility for selected travel grants
  • Possibility of registration and abstract slot submission at SfN member rates for SfN annual meetings
  • Unlimited free submissions to the FENS Job Market
  • Free online access to FENS journal, EJN
  • Discounts on subscriptions to several other top neuroscience journals
  • Access to Neuronline, the SfN online platform


The procedure to become a new member of the BSN requires the payment of the membership fees, which can be paid online, including the reduced rates for a two years membership. When the payment has been processed by Stripe, the payment partner of the BSN, you will be automatically registered by us on the FENS website. Note that membership is the sole means to participate to FENS Forum and to the BSN meetings.