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ISDN2024 – International Society for Developmental Neuroscience

The 25th Biennial Conference of the International Society for Developmental Neuroscience (ISDN) will take place in Montpellier, France, 21-24 September 2024.

As with previous ISDN meetings, ISDN 2024 will feature an exciting and diverse scientific programme focused on recent advances and future directions in fundamental and applied developmental neuroscience.

Plenary speakers

  • Laure Bally-Cuif, The Institut Pasteur, Paris, France
  • Alain Chédotal, The Vision Institute, Paris, France
  • Orly Reiner, Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel
  • Linda Richards, WUSTL, USA

Symposia topics

  • Cell type diversity from evo-devo perspectives
  • Genetic, molecular and cellular mechanisms underlying the emergence of human-specific features of brain development
  • How microglia shape the brain
  • Glial morphogenesis in physiological and pathological contexts
  • Organoid modelling of CNS development in health & disease
  • Forces and mechanosensation in brain development
  • Development of the somatosensoy system
  • Regulation of inhibitory neuron development
  • Temporal and epigenetic control of neural development
  • Development of cerebellum and cerebellar circuitry in neurodevelopmental disorders

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