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Plasticity in the brain – toward lifelong recovery from injury and disease

On behalf of Professor Ann Massie and of UMCOR, we would like to invite you for the VUB Collen-Francqui Chair 2024 awarded to Professor Lutgarde Arckens of KU Leuven with the topic: “Plasticity in the brain – toward lifelong recovery from injury and disease”.

The inaugural lecture, titled “How the brain copes with permanent damage in different phases of life”, will take place on Thursday February 22 from 16h:30 in Auditorium Piet Brouwer of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy.

Additional lectures for this chair:

  • Lecture 1, 14/3/2024 – 16h30 – Aud4: Retinal damage and vision loss
  • Lecture 2, 18/4/2024 – 16h30 – Aud4: Cross-modal brain plasticity: when visual cortex becomes sensitive to touch
  • Lecture 3, 2/5/2024 – 16h30 – Aud4: Cellular and Molecular mechanisms of brain plasticity
  • Lecture 4, 21/5/2024 – 16h30 – Aud4: The factor age in brain recovery – what a small fish can tell

The inaugural lecture is traditionally followed by a reception, where further discussion can take place with the chair holder and colleagues.

You will find all information on the webpage and in attachment. You can register via this link.


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